Primary ovarian insufficiency


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FANCM (Fanconi anemia complementation group M)
EnsemblGeneIds (GRCh38): ENSG00000187790
EnsemblGeneIds (GRCh37): ENSG00000187790
OMIM: 609644, Gene2Phenotype
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Zornitza Stark (Australian Genomics)

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2 Finnish sisters with non-syndromic POI with a homozygous mutation (p.Gln1701*), and supporting functional assays. 1 case with 2 truncating variants (phase unknown) and non-syndromic POI and MMC chromosome-induced breakage. 3/5 women with homozygous truncating variants and breast cancer also reported early menopause or ovarian insufficiency. Null mouse model demonstrates significant reduction in ovarian follicles.
Sources: Literature
Created: 7 Jan 2021, 8:30 a.m.

Mode of inheritance
BIALLELIC, autosomal or pseudoautosomal

Premature ovarian failure


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Zornitza Stark (Australian Genomics)

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