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Holoprosencephaly v1.21 DLL1 Louise Daugherty Source NHS GMS was added to DLL1.
Holoprosencephaly v1.17 DLL1 Louise Daugherty reviewed gene: DLL1: Rating: AMBER; Mode of pathogenicity: None; Publications: ; Phenotypes: ; Mode of inheritance: None
Holoprosencephaly v1.15 DLL1 Louise Daugherty Publications for gene: DLL1 were set to 27363716; 21196490
Holoprosencephaly DLL1 Helen Brittain marked DLL1 as ready
Holoprosencephaly DLL1 Helen Brittain classified DLL1 as amber
Holoprosencephaly DLL1 Helen Brittain commented on DLL1
Holoprosencephaly DLL1 Lara Menzies reviewed DLL1
Holoprosencephaly DLL1 Richard Scott added DLL1 to panel
Holoprosencephaly DLL1 Richard Scott reviewed DLL1